Top Questions from New Students

  1. How do I get my CSB/SJU email on my phone or tablet?
  2. How do I get my email account?
  3. Do I need to bring a computer to campus?
  4. What kind of computer should I bring?
  5. Is wireless Internet access available on campus?
  6. Does CSB/SJU require or provide anti-virus software?
  7. What services does IT provide for students?
  8. Will I have access to Microsoft Office 365?

How do I get CSB/SJU my e-mail account?
Students will receive their username and e-mail account information in an email from Admissions after enrolling at CSB or SJU. A student's e-mail address will end in The e-mail account will be used to access information on the CSB/SJU website, Banner Student Information System, Canvas, and other applications. 

How do I access my CSB/SJU email on my phone or computer?
Find instructions for configuring the email app on your iPhone, Android phone, and more in the "CSB/SJU E-mail Resources" section on Connecting to CSB/SJU Student Network Resources.

Do I need to bring a computer to campus?
Students who do not have a personal computer in their room will usually have close access to a computer in a computer lab in their residence hall, which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each computer lab has a LaserJet printer located in it.

In addition, computer access areas are open and accessible when students need them. The Alcuin Computing Center located at SJU, and the Clemens Computing Center located at CSB are open until midnight on most days. Each lab has two LaserJet printers for students to use.

Students can loan equipment from the CSB/SJU Libraries free of charge as long as items are returned on time and in good condition. 

What kind of computer should I bring?
Windows versus Macintosh

Students may bring either type of computer to campus. It's entirely up to you as a matter of personal choice.  Both Windows and Macintosh can connect to campus network resources such as the Internet, online storage space and email.

See Requirements for Student Owned Computers Connecting to the CSB/SJU Network.

Internet availability on campus?
Network connections (both wired and wireless) are available in all CSB/SJU residence hall rooms. They provide connectivity to the Internet and network resources for student-owned computers, 24 hours a day.

See Wireless Access at CSB/SJU for more information.

Does CSB/SJU require or provide anti-virus software?
Students are required to run anti-virus software on their PC and Macintosh computers on campus. Click here to find a variety of anti-virus products to choose from, which are free for personal or limited use. If you choose to use one of these products, you are responsible for ensuring you comply with their terms of service.

What services does IT provide for students?
IT Services will assist students with connecting to the campus network, obtaining a network/e-mail account and password, and providing support for their academic computing needs. See Connecting to CSB/SJU Student Network Resources

Students can access the computer lab software on your personal devices anywhere that you have Internet access. You can do this with Virtual Computer Lab

Students can print to a lab printer from a personal computer or mobile device. See Student Printing Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have access to Microsoft Office 365?

Through the institutions' enterprise agreement with Microsoft, CSB/SJU students are able to download and install Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus desktop applications at no additional cost. Office 365 ProPlus includes the familiar and full Office applications, such as Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, it may be installed on up to five devices, and it is available offline. Your Office 365 installation will be free to you throughout your tenure at CSB/SJU. After you leave CSB/SJU, your Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus subscription will end. At that time, you will have the option of enrolling in other available consumer or commercial subscriptions. After you have your CSB/SJU network account, click the following link for more information and instructions: Get Microsoft Office

Please direct questions related to this page to the IT Services Help Desk (320) 363-2228 or email [email protected].