Undergraduate Academic Profile (2023-24)

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Undergraduate Academic Profile
Table 15: Degree Aspirations of New Entering Students
Table 15 summarizes information from the New Entering Student Survey regarding the highest degree aspirations of new entering students to CSB and SJU.
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Table 16: Retention Rates of New Entering Students
This table provides the number and percentage of a respective cohort of CSB and SJU students returning for their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year, as well as the rate for CSB and SJU’s peer institutions.
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Table 17: Completion Rates
This table examines cohort completion rates in four, five, and six years at CSB and SJU.
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Table 18: Baccalaureate Degrees Conferred
Table 18 provides information on the number of Baccalaureate degress earned by CSB and SJU graduates, displayed by academic discipline.
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Table 19: Comparative Baccalaureate Degrees Conferred by Discipline Cluster
This table further examines degrees conferred in comparison to the institutions of the MPCC.
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Table 20: Study Abroad Participation Rates by Cohort
Table 20 provides the rate of participation in study abroad programs.
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Table 21: Participation in Semester-long Study Abroad Programs
Table 21 provides the number of students participating in semester-long study abroad programs.
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Table 22: Undergraduate Class Size
This table examines the number and distribution of class sizes through various years at CSB and SJU.
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