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The CSB and SJU Fact Book is the official factbook or institutional profile for the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University. It was created to provide a multi-year snapshot and briefing of key data and trends related to admission and enrollment, academic activity and productivity, as well as human and financial resources. The Profile is intended to address questions frequently asked about the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University and provide, in broad context, data to inform decisions regarding operations, planning, fundraising, and communications, all in one place. 

Information in the Fact Book is presented in six sections: Admission and New Entering Student Profile, Undergraduate Student Profile, Academic and Instructional Profile, Alumnae and Alumni Profile, Financial and Human Resource Profile, and Private College Comparison Data. In many cases, the CSB and SJU data is provided in five- or ten-year increments to demonstrate how the institution has changed. Data comparing CSB and SJU to other private colleges in Minnesota, or peer and aspirant institutions is included where it is available and appropriate. All data sources are indicated on the tables and charts.

The current Fact Book (2022-2023) is in the process of being updated, and until its completion, this page will include the data from the previous Fact Book (2021-2022). If you have questions or comments about the Institutional Profile, please contact the Institutional Research & Assessment Office at (320)-363-5922.

2023-2024 Fact Book

2022-2023 Fact Book

2021-2022 Fact Book