Current Scholars

Mission Statement:

The Intercultural Leadership, Education and Development Fellowship Program (Intercultural LEAD) engages and supports historically underrepresented, high-achieving first-generation college students who have demonstrated leadership ability and a commitment to intercultural awareness.

Intercultural LEAD CSB/SJU Scholars

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  • To attract, retain and support underrepresented students - socioeconomic, cultural, racial, geographic, first-generation.


  • Partnership:
    • Student Development, Admissions, Financial Aid, Academic Affairs
  • Networking:
    • Faculty, Staff, Presidents, Board Members, Alumni, Community Members
  • Mentoring
    • Steering Committee, Symposium Faculty, Peers, Intercultural LEADers
  • Academic/Leadership Development:  
    • Bi-Montly Seminars, Regional and National Conferences
  • Cohorts:
    • Cohort experience begins with a Fall retreat prior to move-in day.  Each new Intercultural-LEADer is enrolled in an FYS section with 2-3 others from their Intercultural-LEAD cohorts.
  • Environment & Conferences
    • Tools and support to make a difference at CSB/SJU and hone skills for the post-baccalaureate world.