Alum FAQs

If you don't see your question answered below, please feel free to email Saint Ben’s at [email protected] or [email protected].

What is the history of this program?
The InterAction program started in 2018 and was launched as a way to provide students exposure to alums to learn about life after graduation and how to prepare for the real world.

Is this a long-term commitment?
No. Your commitment is simply to meet with a Bennie or Johnnie student for a one-time meeting (or virtually, if you're unable to meet in person). However, if the two of you would like to continue to meet, you are always welcome to do so.

Are the students in the program going to be seniors?
Students who participate in the program are typically sophomores-seniors. However, first-year students are invited to take part in the program as well.

Will I need to drive to campus meet my student?
It depends. Our alum registration form asks if alums are able to drive to campus to meet students. Students will see this information when making their selections. Our goal is that students will use this information to select an alum who 1) they can drive to see, or 2) who can drive to see them, but we’ve also told them that meeting with an alum virtually, is also an option.

I just signed up. Will I be selected by a student for sure?
Despite our best efforts, the alums may not be selected by a student. Because of the nature of the program, we promote the program to the students multiple times per year so there are a number of opportunities to have students select alums.

When will I be contacted by my student?
Students are able to select an alum to meet with at any time. However, we typically promote the program to students at several select times during the year (e.g. once in the fall, once early in the spring, and once right before summer). You will receive an email if you are selected by a student. Additionally, we will ask students to contact you within two weeks of selecting you as a match.

Does my company need to be offering jobs/internships for me to participate?
No. The main goal of the program is to offer students insight into a particular career/industry. You are certainly welcome to let your student know if your company is offering jobs/internships, but it's certainly not a requisite to participating in the program.

Will I be matched with more than one student?
No. The goal is to match one student with one alum at a time. Typically, the list is "reset" several times a year, so you should not be contacted any more than once each time the list is reset.

In extraordinary circumstances (e.g. if an overwhelming number of students are interested in your career), our office may contact you to ask if you do have the availability to host another student. However, we would expect this to be the exception and not the rule.

How are alums and students matched?
Students registered for InterAction will be sent to an "alum selection page" where each student in the program can select one (and only one) alum who they wish to meet. Once the student selects their alum, we will send the student that alums contact information.

Who buys lunch or coffee?
Due to the fact that college students are often a bit cash-strapped, we'd kindly ask that you pick up the tab for lunch or coffee.

What kind of preparation will students receive ahead of time?
When students are matched with their alum, the student will receive an email asking them to make contact with you with two weeks, to dress in business casual clothing for your in-person meeting, and to start thinking about the kinds of questions they'd like to ask you.

Please note that this is a learning opportunity for students - some students will already be proficient with networking, and some may be still building their proficiency in this area.