Integrations Curriculum

Artistic Engagement Requirements

Artistic Engagement (AR)

All students in the Integrations Curriculum must attend and submit a DEAL reflection for a total of four separate events that are approved as Artistic Engagement events. All students will complete half of this requirement in their normal coursework, by attending and submitting a reflection for one event in Learning Foundations (INTG 100) and attending and submitting a reflection for a second event in Learning Integrations (INTG 300).

Some students will complete the remaining two Artistic Engagement (AR attribute) events by taking a fine arts course that is in the Artistic Expression way of thinking and carries the AR attribute. For these students, completion of Artistic Engagement (AR) will be noted on their DegreeWorks after successful completion of 2-4 AR-designated course credits.

For students who do not complete Artistic Engagement in their Artistic Expression course, they can complete the requirement on their own. In order to do so students need to attend two qualifying events and follow this procedure:

  1. Identify a qualified event that they are interested in attending. Qualifying events must be on-campus, therefore, study-abroad experiences are not included within this designation. A list of all approved artistic engagement events can be found here. The list is updated every time a new event is approved.
  2. Attend the event.
  3. Look at the DEAL reflection prompt for artistic engagement and using Word, create a short document that answers each of the questions. The DEAL reflection prompt for Artistic Engagement can be found here.
  4. Upload the completed reflection to Folio.
  5. By the time these students enroll in INTG 300 (Learning Integrations) they should have three Artistic Engagement reflections submitted to Folio. The fourth required event and reflection will be completed as part of INTG 300. For students who complete two Artistic Engagement Events on their own outside of a class, completion of the Artistic Engagement (AR) will be noted on DegreeWorks after successful completion of INTG 300.

Step 3:

Upload your completed DEAL reflection to the designated Canvas Assignment or Folio.

For Learning Foundations (INTG 100) and Learning Integrations (INTG 300), submit your completed DEAL reflection to the designated class assignment on Canvas. For AR events attended outside of a class, submit the completed DEAL reflection to your Folio. Watch this video for instructions on how to submit your DEAL reflection to Folio.