For Students

Welcome to CSB/SJU’s Integrations Curriculum, a general education program that’s anything but general.

The Integrations Curriculum lets you create an educational experience tailored to your interests and goals, and geared toward expanding your horizons and preparing for your future — with your professors and academic advisors helping you each step of the way.

At CSB/SJU, we understand that you’re a student, but you’re also a lot more.

  • You’re a future professional who will probably have multiple careers.
  • You’re a member of many different communities, on campus and beyond.
  • You’re an individual with your own unique education, experiences, relationships and    aspirations.

The Integrations Curriculum is designed to help you link all of those pieces — your studies at CSB/SJU, your life inside and outside of the classroom, your personal and career goals, your past and your future.

The Integrations Curriculum is yours. You will be able to make the connections between different classes in different areas of study as you prepare for a rapidly changing work world. You will get an education that builds on the skills and experiences you bring with you to CSB/SJU while exposing you to new topics, new perspectives and career possibilities you might not even know existed.