Integrations Curriculum

Integrations Microgrant Application

Integrations Microgrant Application

Would you like to work with others to develop a course for the Integrations Curriculum? Are you eager to work with others to learn more about your chosen theme, from people who think about the world in different ways? Do you want to learn from your colleagues as you begin to incorporate a theme into a class you’ve taught for years? Do you want to have conversations about your Way of Thinking and how it relates to other Ways of Thinking? Develop an Integration Microgrant proposal and make it happen!

  1. The grant must be used to foster ongoing conversation or collaboration among group members (minimum of two people in a group; no maximum number). One-day workshops will not be considered unless there are additional follow-up meetings.
  2. Your proposal must contribute to a course taught in the first four years of the Integrations Curriculum (although not all members of your group must be teaching the same Integrations course).
  3. Grant proposals that facilitate cross-disciplinary conversations will be given priority.
  4. Grant range is from $200-$1,500
  5. Grant money can be spent on anything that helps facilitate the group’s ongoing work. For example, money could be used to provide food at meetings, buy books and/or films, attend conferences, invite experts to campus, or provide group members with a stipend. The intent is to keep the grants maximally flexible to meet faculty need.
  6. Because people’s schedules differ, the group can determine how many meetings to have and what the start and end time for the grant will be. For example, some groups may want to wrap up before summer, whereas other groups may only want to meet in the summer and some groups may want to meet throughout spring and summer.
  7. The primary grant applicant will be responsible for submitting any receipts and writing a brief report summarizing the group’s work.
  8. When funds are limited, priority will be given to new requestors in order to spread out the grant resources; however, faculty can always apply for more than one Collaboration Microgrant.
  • Grants awarded on a rolling basis.
  • All grant-related activity must be completed by August 31, 2021.

Preview of Microgrant Application:

  1. Describe the goals of this microgrant group and how the group’s work will contribute to a course(s) in the Integrations Curriculum.
  2. Discuss the activities/readings/discussions that will occur during group meetings.
  3. Provide a tentative schedule of meeting dates (either specific dates or frequency of meetings) and the starting and end dates of the group.
  4. Discuss how the proposed schedule of meetings will be feasible for group members to attend.   
  5. Provide a detailed budget and rationale for the budget.*
  6. Who is the primary grant applicant? Note: the primary grant applicant will be responsible for submitting all receipts and the final brief report to the Integrations Director’s office.
  7. List all of the members of the microgrant group and briefly explain how the microgrant will help each member teach one or more courses in the new curriculum (noting when the course is first planned to be offered).
*Food Budgeting Examples

The information below is meant to help people develop a budget if they want to provide snacks at an on-campus meeting or go to the Local Blend. Note that if you want to provide food on campus, you need to use catering rather than ordering in. However, you can also use microgrant funds to eat lunch at one of the dining centers or go to other restaurants. Microgrant funds cannot be used to purchase alcohol.  

Morning coffee & rolls per person:    

  • CSB $3.80 (mini cinnamon rolls, coffee, tea, juice) to $6.00 (banana bread, fruit, coffee, tea, juice)
  • SJU $3.25 (pastry, coffee, tea, juice) to $4.25 (muffin, fruit, coffee, tea, juice)

Afternoon soda and light snacks per person:

  • CSB $5.25 (soda, Special K bars, Gardetto’s snack mix)
  • SJU $3.25 (cookies or bars, pop and water)

Local Blend:

  • Medium Specialty Drink $ 00 per person
  • Sandwich $11.00 per person