Instructional Technology Day 2023

Instructional Technology Day was held on May 16th, 2023. This page lists the session topics, available session content, and related resources. Thank you to all attendees for a wonderful event. We look forward to hosting again next year!

Technology Integration Assignments and Prototypes

Presented by Ethan Wittrock

In this session, Instructional Technology Specialists will share a few examples of technology integration assignments that were designed in partnership with librarians and faculty members. We will share some specific case-examples and faculty testimonials as well as discuss new assignments and prototypes from this past academic year. This session is designed for faculty who might be interested in learning more or trying a technology integration assignment in future classes.

File Sharing with OneDrive

Session content not yet available.

Presented by Cathy Robak

In this session you will get to know Microsoft OneDrive, how to use it by uploading, editing and sharing files.

Hive: How Should I be Using It?

Presented by Cathy Robak

In this session, you'll gain hands-on experience within the Hive. Work with setting up your profile, adding office hours, flags and notes, and viewing your student information.

Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

Presented by Joshua Akkerman

Part of the Office 365 package, Microsoft Teams is a collaborative tool allowing everyone in a 'team' to communicate directly with each other and share documents in a common space. In this session faculty and staff will learn what Microsoft Teams is, how to create a team, and see a brief demonstration of how to use the software.

The Benefits of Universal Design for Learning: Meeting Both Student and Instructor Goals in the Modern Classroom

NOTE: Institutional access only. Click the link below to reveiw session content:
The Benefits of Universal Design for Learning: Meeting Both Student and Instructor Goals in the Modern Classroom May 16, 2023

Presented by Emily J. Helft, Ed.S., Assistant Director of Professional Development

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is becoming a well-known approach to teaching and learning in the modern classroom. While it is highly beneficial for learners, many educators are not aware of the benefits of UDL for them as instructors, which can reduce buy-in and motivation around this approach to teaching. This workshop will aim to cover the foundations of UDL with an emphasis on its benefits for both the student and instructor. Numerous strategies and suggestions will be offered to aid in real-world implementation; emphasis will be placed on motivation for mutual student and instructor learning goals, as well as realistic application suggestions for the higher education classroom.

Attending this session counts toward the Inclusive Pedagogy Practitioner Certificate.

Using Generative AI in Assignments Workshop

Presented by Erica Stonestreet and Yvette South

In this session Erica Stonestreet and Yvette South will share their experiences in using Generative AI in the class and their assignments, what worked and what they learned. We will have time to brainstorm the possibilities of how Generative AI can be integrated in the classroom. Instructional Technologist and Librarians will be available to help with questions.

The Universal Canvas Template: Introduction to It and Feedback from Faculty Who’ve Implemented It

Presented by Cathy Robak and Adam Konczewski

This spring semester, a few faculty have been piloting Canvas template designed by a student working in Instructional Technology. Participants will learn what worked, what could be changed, how students used it, and whether it actually made a difference.

Let's Learn about Degree Works!

Session content not yet available.

Presented by Mary Beth Thompson

In this session we will look at how to read and use Degree Works in support of your Advisees or first year students in INTG 105 with emphasis on how the Integrations Curriculum will be reflected in Degree Works. Understand how (and when) Integrations Requirements, such as themes or artistic engagement, display as students move through the curriculum. Also, learn about the Student Educational Plan which allows students to create (and when needed edit) their four year plan in Degree Works:

  • Gives students a place to make a four year plan that can be accessed and reviewed at sessions with their advisor and others they may meet with on campus
  • Allows Departments to do forecasting for course needs if students in major have active and locked plans

Designing Your Canvas Course

Session content not yet available.

Presented by Cathy Robak

In this hands-on training, you will use the different tools and functions available in Canvas to design a course that keeps students engaged. We will cover how to use a front page versus modules, the syllabus tool, calendaring, and much more!

Advanced Teams Topics: O365 App Integrations and Tools

Presented by Joshua Akkerman

Attend this session and learn how Microsoft Teams works with, and collaborates with, other O365 apps. Faculty and staff will learn what Microsoft Teams is and start looking into a few more features that Teams has to offer. It is recommended that you take the Getting Starting with Microsoft Teams session prior to this one.

Working with Canvas Speedgrader and Grading

Session content not yet available.

Presented by Cathy Robak

In this hands-on training, you will use Speedgrader to grade an assignment, utilize annotating tools, make comments on assignments, and see what the many other options are available.

ChatGPT for Productivity

Session content not yet available.

Presented by Adam Konczewski and Bennett Frensko

This session is open for everyone! Adam and Bennett will share some tips how to use Generative AI in the daily workflow regardless if your work is in the academic or non-academic department.