Hybrid Learning

Often referred to as "Hyflex," Hybrid Learning relies on a camera and microphones in the classroom, and Zoom, or other conferencing software, to allow students in the classroom and students who are remote to participate in class together.

We're using the term "Hybrid Learning" rather than "Hyflex" because in true Hyflex instructors are expected to provide an analogous experience for students attending in-person, remote but synchronous, as well as asynchronously.

Our Hybrid Learning classrooms give faculty the technology needed to teach classes both in-person and online at the same time. Each Hybrid Learning ready room comes equipped with a high definition video camera and one or more room microphones for virtual conferencing with the room computer. Ready-to-use functionality allow users to get operational quickly in Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

If you notice an issue with the Hybrid Learning equipment, please contact the IT Services Help Desk (320.363.2236) right away for assistance.