3d Printing and Design

3D design teaches students how to build 3D objects using a variety of software. 3D printing is the act of taking a 3D object and printing it via an additive process. If you're interested in incorporating 3D technology into your classroom, Instructional Technology staff can talk through your learning outcomes, student expectations, and assignments using 3D design and/or printing.

3d Printing Assignment

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Data Visualization

Data visualization is the practice of presenting information in a visual format. This typically refers to tabular data being displayed in a way that allows people to derive new meaning or more clearly see trends within the data. 

Data Visualization Assignment

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eXtended Reality

eXtended Reality includes augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality/hybrid reality. We've experimented with the HTC Vive and 360 video in some classes. 

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Podcast projects allows students to think critically, creatively, and with complexity while addressing significant research questions. Students will approach problems in integrative ways from multiple perspectives, and will ethically acquire, evaluate, apply and communicate information in multiple formats. 

Podcasting Assignment

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We have four Vex IQ kits and one Vex EDR kit. Currently education students work with these kits, gaining experience to take to the classroom. If you're interested in exploring this technology further please contact Instructional Technology to discuss options.

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Instructional Technology Specialists partner with a wide range of interdisciplinary courses to educate students in the art, craft, and technology of video production. Our objective is to foster media and information literacy by expanding on traditional intellectual skill sets to include the ability to use multimedia technology to create messages and express ideas. 

Video Assignment

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Web Blog and Digital Exhibit

Our Web Blog and Digital Exhibit sequence describes how we use online exhibits to showcase student work and give students the opportunity to do research and present it in a way that people around the world can benefit from. 

Web Blog/Digital Exhibit Assignment

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