Audio Recording Studio FAQs


The Recording Studio can be reserved by any CSB and SJU student, faculty or staff on campus via the "Book Audio Recording Studio" widget. Once the room is booked, no further action is needed until you arrive for the reservation time at the BAC Music Library.  Upon arrival, the room will be checked out to the user at the BAC Music Library desk for the duration of the reservation.

Book Audio Recording Studio


There are some reservation limitations with the Recording Studio. Please review the following rules:

  • Users must check-in with the BAC Music Library Staff Desk at the start and end of recording sessions.
  • Users are responsible for the room and equipment during usage.
  • Food is not allowed in the Audio Recording Studio.
  • Reservations are only available during BAC Music Library hours of operation, unless otherwise arranged by Instructional Technology.
  • Closures to the BAC Music Library void all reservations.
  • Maximum of 5 people in the studio at once.
  • USB Flash drive, SD or CF card needed to record.
  • Use of the Audio Recording Studio equipment outside of the studio space may incur a service charge, unless it's used for and during a class period.


The Audio Recording Studio has recording equipment, microphones, headphones, direct boxes and cables available for recordings, but users will need to bring their own instruments, amps or other other specialty equipment. Users will also need a USB flash drive, SD Card or CF card to record audio. The recorder will not record without a device to record to.  If the user doesn't have a device, USB flash drives are available for checkout at the BAC Music Library.


The Audio Recording Studio can be reserved for longer recording times than allowed by the online booking widget, but the extension must be reviewed and approved by Instructional Technology directly.


We can provide troubleshooting help and in-depth equipment training sessions for users. If you'd like assistance or want to schedule a training session, please contact Instructional Technology.