Canvas Quizzes

Quizzes in Canvas are assignments that can be used to challenge student understanding and assess comprehension of course material. The quiz tool is used to create and administer online quizzes and surveys. Quizzes can also be used to conduct and moderate exams and assessments, both graded and ungraded.

Canvas has four different types of quizzes:

1. Graded Quiz
The most common quiz and rewards students points based on their quiz responses.

2. Practice Quiz
A practice quiz is a learning tool to see how well users understand course material without providing a grade.

3. Graded Survey
A graded survey rewards student with points for completing a survey but grading is not based on right or wrong answers.

4. Ungraded Survey
An ungraded survey obtains opinions or other information without providing a grade.


  • Create new quizzes with individual questions and question groups
  • Set up question banks
  • Import external quizzes
  • Show one quiz question at a time
  • Create quizzes for all students, individual students, or course sections


  • Test your knowledge of course material
  • View all available quizzes in your course
  • Submit quizzes in your course
  • View quiz questions one at a time or all at once (depending on instructor preference)
  • Review quiz results


Can I make an assessment so that students only see one question displayed at a time?
Yes. You can also lock questions after students have answered them and moved on to the next question so that students cannot go back and change their answer choice for a question they have already answered.

Canvas Guides - How can I create a quiz where students only see one question at a time?

Can I make surveys in Canvas?
Yes. To create a survey, go to the Quizzes menu item and create a quiz. In the Quiz Type section, you can make the quiz a graded or ungraded survey.

Canvas Guides - How do I create a survey in my course?

Can I use random blocks of questions?
You can easily randomize the questions that your students are given on an exam by using a question group or a question group linked to a question bank.

Canvas Guides - How do I create a quiz with a question group to randomize quiz questions?

Canvas Guides - How do I create a quiz with a question group linked to a question bank?

How can I randomize questions in a question group (test pool) for my quiz?
You can do this by making a question group that pulls a certain number of questions from a Question Bank.  For example, you would make a Question Group (let's say, 3 questions) to pull out of a Question Bank (let's say, 10 questions). Canvas will pull a random 3 questions out of that Bank of 10, ensuring that students won't be asked the exact same questions. The question order will also be randomized.

Canvas Guides - How do I create a quiz with a question group to randomize quiz questions?

How do I add an existing question bank to my quiz?
While you are on the Questions tab of any quiz, select Find Questions and you can then select which existing question banks you want to add to your quiz.

Canvas Guides - How do I create a quiz with a question group linked to a question bank?

How do I add a rubric to a quiz?
Occasionally, rubrics are added to quizzes when you have an outcome inside of the rubric that you would like to use for alignment purposes.

Canvas Guides - How do I add a rubric to a quiz?

How do I clear a student's attempt for a test?
Unfortunately, there is no way to clear a student's attempt for a test.  Canvas was considering adding this feature, but ultimately chose not to (see Delete Quiz Attempts for more information).  Canvas doesn't believe in deleting historical information - they tend to err on the side of retaining records just in case you find you need those records later.  The workaround for this is to simply give the student an additional attempt on the test.  That's basically the same thing as clearing an attempt, except better - you get to retain the record of the student's initial attempt in addition to their second attempt.

Canvas Guides - Once I publish my quiz, how can I give my students extra attempts?

How do I export/import quizzes in Canvas?
You can export and import quizzes in canvas from the Settings menu on the left hand side of your course site.

Canvas Guides - How do I import quizzes from QTI packages?

How do I make a test/quiz in Canvas?
Canvas offers several assessment options. Please note, if you wish to use question groups and question banks, we recommend you create those question groups and banks before creating the quiz itself. If you are concerned about the security of your quiz, see our recommendations for increasing quiz security to minimize cheating in Canvas quizzes.

How do I make Question Banks?
You can make Question Banks in two ways: You can create the Question Bank while you are making the Quiz, or you can make the Question Bank separately before you make the Quiz.  We recommend making Question Banks before you make the Quiz.

Canvas Guides - How do I create a question bank in my course? 

I don't want my students to be able to see a quiz that I'm working on. How do I hide it from them?
If a quiz is published and it is currently within the availability window you have set, students can see the quiz. To keep your students from viewing the quiz you can change the availability time to a later date,or keep the quiz unpublished so that students cannot see it.

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What question types are available in Canvas?
Canvas offers many types of questions including additional Formula and Simple Formula question options for requiring students to complete mathematical calculations.

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