Media Production Requests

Studio Recording of Interview

Instructional Technology offers a range of video and audio production options for different types of events and requests on campus. Types of requests are divided into three categories: lecture/event recordings, studio recordings, and video production/editing requests.


Standard lecture & event recordings are overseen by the Classroom & AV Support team of specialists. These are basic archival recordings with basic trimming. Video requests are limited to single-camera recordings. Audio recordings are limited to either room built-in recording equipment or very basic sound capture setup. Requests can be made by submitting an A/V Support Request Form


Studio audio and video recordings are overseen by the Instructional Technology Specialists. Video recordings include single or multi-camera recordings of instructional presentations, demonstrations, interviews, and voiceovers with basic video editing. Audio recordings can include multiple microphones with basic audio editing. Studio recordings are limited to Instructional Technology's studio locations. Studio recording requests can be made by submitting a Video Project Request Form.


Instructional Technology primarily supports event recordings, studio recordings, and academic-focused video production work. Projects are approved on a case-by-case basis depending on the size and scope of the request. Other considerations include scheduling, necessary timeline, and connection to academic work.

Video production and editing requests can be made by submitting a Video Project Request Form.

If you have a pre-recorded video that you would like help trimming and uploading to one of our current video platforms or distribution methods, please complete our Video Submission Request Form instead.