Gendered Leadership:Workshop that explores the link between gender assumptions and leadership. Looking closely at how personal ideas of gender and gender roles impact how one views and interacts with those they work above and with. Rcommended for those in a leadership position, either in work or other activities.

Forming Intercultural Connections: This workshop seeks to inform students and faculty of the best ways to meet and relate to those of a different culture or background from their own, providing advice and information on the ways we often look at other cultures and how we should look and relate to others in order to live out the Benedictine values.

Intersectionality: The Intersectionality workshop discusses the idea of multipe identities coinciding within one individual and the impact this has on their personal identity, their view of the society, and society's view on them. Recommended for those looking to increase their understanding of different cultures and how they individually and communally impact our lives.

Who We Are... and Aspire to Be

Superhero Workshop

Challenges and Overcoming Them