Driver's License Information

How to Obtain a Minnesota Driver's License

  • As an international student, you must pass a knowledge test, a vision test, and a road test. This is true even if you have a valid driver's license from your home country. The knowledge test contains multiple choice and true or false questions that evaluate your knowledge and understanding of Minnesota traffic laws and road signs. To prepare for the knowledge test, you need to study the Minnesota Driver's Manual (Class D) which can be found online or can be picked up at the examination station.
  • You will not be eligible to receive your Minnesota driver's license until you have presented all other driver's licenses and Minnesota identification cards in your possession to the Department of Public Safety.
  • You must also present proper identification when you apply for an instruction permit, driver's license, or state identification card. Proper Identification verifies your first, middle, and last name, and your date of birth to take the knowledge and road tests. Proper Identification includes Minnesota instruction permit, identification card, and passport.
  • After obtaining the driving permit, you will need to take the road test.
  • The Driver's Manual book can give you more information on obtaining a driver's license.  Also, you can contact the License Center at (320)-656-6540.

License Center

Please see the following link for more information about the License Center, for example, location, office hours, etc.

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