Exploring Latin American Cultures

Mission Statement:
The overall purpose of our club is to spread awareness throughout our CSB/SJU community about the Latin American Culture. With the growing Latin American community on campus, it is imperative for our CSB/SJU community to become exposed to the Latin American culture. While spreading such awareness, we seek to unite the existing Latin American students and create a sense of community, consistent with the Benedictine values, for incoming students of Latin American background, as well as to welcome supporters of the Latin American culture..

Club Info:

  • Goals
  • To develop  programming that advocates the Latino/Latina culture(s) on CSB/SJU
  • To develop a relationship with the myriad of campus organizations attempting to promote cultural, spiritual and intellectual diversity 
  • To develop and strengthen a relationship between CSB/SJU, its student body and the surrounding Latino/Latina communities 
  • To stimulate the acceptance of cultural, spiritual and intellectual diversity by the CSB/SJU student body


How to Join

Everyone is welcome to join and participate in our events, we will have all club meetings at least once a month. We co-sponsor and and hold multiple events and anyone is welcome to help with those events. 
To join elac, email us at [email protected] or contact the co-presidents at [email protected] or [email protected]

Also like our page on Facebook under Exploring Latin American Cultures where we will keep the page updated on our events and club meetings. 


ELAC 2016-2017 Executive Board:

Co-Presidents: Kimberly Bonilla & Natalie Gutierrez

Secretary: Coral Romero 

Treasurer: Arthur Viera

Public Relations: Antonio E. Vasquez Serrano

Event Coordinators: Janet Jimenez Olivo & Evelyn Perez

Ministry Liaison: Jocelyn Alcala