David Johnson

David Johnson



David Johnson


New Providence, The Bahamas


November 9th


Communication, Economics

Class Year:


Place of peace on campus:


I'm most authentically myself when I'm....

I'm most authentically myself when I'm surrounded by the people who care about me the most.

Quick Bio:

What's good? My name is David Johnson and I am from the breathtaking island of Nassau, Bahamas. I see myself as a fun and energetic person and I'm about to enter my junior year at Saint. John's University. I'm currently double majoring in Communication and Economics. This will be my second year working with IISS and I'm sure that it'll be a rewarding experience. Some of my hobbies include; Spoken word poetry, listening to music, Netflix, Partying and chilling with my friends.

Campus Involvement:

Archipelago Association, Saint John's Senate, Cultural Affairs Board, Orientation Leader, Entrepreneurial Scholar

What does the phrase "intercultural competency" mean to you?

I believe that intercultural competency is the ability to recognize that although no two cultures are alike, every culture is special in its own way. With that being said, we must all be willing and able to embrace each other regardless of our cultural differences. While being respectful and open minded about exploring a different culture, every person should also be proud of their own culture and represent it to the best of their ability.

About which aspect(s) of diversity are you most passionate?


Physical/Mental ability - I believe that every human being has a particular purpose in life . It is very unique how a person's physical/mental ability can serve as the drive that facilitates the purpose within them. Physical/Mental ability plays a crucial role in attaining goals, accolades and being the best that a person can possibly be.

Appearance - The frequently spoken phrase, "Don't judge a book by it's cover" is a fact in my eyes. It is impossible to label a person as smart, dumb, wise or foolish due to their outward appearance. I find it amazing when the same people who are scrutinized for their 'looks', find a way to silence the negativity and attain success.


What advice would you like to give to first-year students?

My advice to every first year student is to chase down every opportunity that comes your way. Never find fear in being yourself and voicing your opinion because it is what truly matters.

What advice would you like to give to continuing students?

My advice to the continuing students is to keep pushing, stay focused and don't be content with your current position. Always be motivated to do better in life and attain your ultimate goal.