Belinda Vang


Belinda Vang


Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA


September 25th


Gender Studies/ Psychology

Class Year:


Place of peace on campus:

My Room

I'm most authentically myself when I'm....

able to share my own values and culture with others around me.

Quick Bio:

I am a middle child with two sisters. I strive to create gender equality with as many people as possible in my reach. I enjoy Hmong dancing and remembering my cultural roots, making sure my roots are not lost.

Campus Involvement:

Asia Club (President)

What does the phrase "intercultural competency" mean to you?

Intercultural competency is when you can interact with someone professionally. Where they feel safe and is not being criticized on how they look, what they eat and who they are.

About which aspect(s) of diversity are you most passionate?

Being a gender studies major, I am most interested in gender diversity. I want to learn more about different gender stereotypes in different groups and how similar to the American stereotype of gender. But I also am passionate about cultural diversity. How other parts of the world deal with diversity and how they over came diversity.

What advice would you like to give to first-year students?

Be open minded, you will meet different kinds of people that function differently. So take the initiative to get to know someone and allow them to get to know you.

What advice would you like to give to continuing students?

Make sure you make everyone feel welcomed, either it be someone new to the school or someone you never met before.