Asia Club

Asia Club's mission is to promote Asian Culture in formal and informal settings and in the context of Benedictine values and Multiculturalism on our campuses.  In the process, we strive to unite all students interested in Asia, with a particular responsibility for providing a welcoming and inclusive support system for students of Asian heritage.

We are dedicated to increasing East-West understanding in the 21st Century, encouraging the involvement of students of Asian heritage in campus leadership and service and advancing Asian heritage outreach in Minnesota, including the campus of Saint Cloud State University and the Twin Cities Metro area.

Current Board Members 

Jack Her

Name: Jack Her       Year: Senior

Major: Psychology    Position: Co-President

Siyu Samantha Ng

Name: Siyu Samantha Ng        Year: Junior                                 

Major: Communication             Position: Co-President 

Alex Her

Name: Alex Her
Year: Junior
Major: Communication 
Position: Co-Secretary

          Fei Xiong

Name: Fei Xiong
Year: Junior
Position: Co-Secretary (Spring)

Paw Law Eh Wa

Name: Paw Law Eh Wa
Year: Junior
Major: Asian Studies
Position: Treasurer

Name: Mai Houa Yang
Year: Senior 
Major: Psychology
Position: Co-Program Coordinator

Cathy Nguyen

Name: Cathy Nguyen
Year: Junior
Major: Communication
Position: Co-Program Coordinator (Spring)

Pajou Thao

Name: PaJou Thao
Year: Senior
Major: Global Business Leadership Minor: Communication
Position: Public Relations

Tenzin Jangchoop

Name: Tenzin Jangchoop
Year: Sophomore
Major: Biology, Pre-Med Track
Position: Education Chair

Asia Club Board

Contact us:

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