Archipelago Caribbean Association

The Archipelago Caribbean Association's mission is to expose the CSB/SJU community to the various cultures present within the Caribbean.

We hold general meetings throughout the year for students/faculty and to the Saint Joseph community to come and learn more about the Caribbean and interact with Caribbean students! Please visit our Facebook page for more information and highlights including pictures from the past academic years.

Current Executive Board Members (2020 - 2021)


Camille Basden

Kyle Smith

Junior Co-Chairs:

Shante Hanna 

Michael Wallace 


Derica Ferguson 


Alyssa Wilson 

Event Coordinator:

Eryn Marshall

Graphic Designer:

DeAndre Bethel 

Cultural Ambassadors:

Tajah Longley

Jervon Sands

Marianna Fredrick

Durran Thompson

Public Relations


Layla Bailey


How to Join

Any member of CSB/SJU (whether you're a student, faculty, administration, monastic or alum) is free to join and attend general Archipelago Association meetings. Additionally, applications are available at the end of each academic year for those who would like to become a executive board member. Applicants will be interviewed by the current executive board members.

Contact us at: [email protected]

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