Anna Lopez




Anna Lopez


Houston, Texas, USA


March 1st


Integrated Health Science; Psychology

Class Year:


Place of peace on campus:

Lake Sagatagan

I'm most authentically myself when I'm....

Making new friends, laughing, and joking

Quick Bio:

Hey y'all, I'm Anna and I am part of the Class of 2019! I come from a big family and was the first to leave home AND the state. I love to start a conversation with anyone who is willing to open up, talk, and joke around. My dream career is to be an occupational therapist and I am determined to make it happen no matter what.

Campus Involvement:

Intercultural LEAD, Exploring Latin American Cultures, Black Student Association

What does the phrase "intercultural competency" mean to you?

Personally, to me it means that you are open and understanding to the idea of there being many different cultures out there. Similarly, despite the differences that can be found within every culture it is about valuing and honoring them because it makes one unique.

About which aspect(s) of diversity are you most passionate?

 Feminism, Race, and Gender

What advice would you like to give to first-year students?

I would tell them that it is okay to feel scared, nervous, and want to go home (on occasions). However, by reaching out and opening up to others it can make the transition better and easier. I would emphasize too that there are so many chances and opportunities out there in college and one should take advantage of them!

What advice would you like to give to continuing students?

Change is still something to be open up to because although it may seem easier to stick with the familiar, one should take the chance. Also, in the times of wanting to give up and feeling drained you should remind yourself why you are here and your big final goals that want to be achieved.