Presidential Commitment

Among the greatest challenges that institutions of higher learning face today is the necessity to help students come to a deeper and more resilient understanding of the diversity of peoples that constitute the world in which we live. One way such understanding is cultivated is by awareness that our life together is deeply enriched by the cultural, racial, and ethnic qualities each of us embodies.

We take "cultural pluralism" to mean recognition that difference is not opposed to community, that difference is both inescapable and indelible in any coming together. Thus we pursue "diversity" not as something external to our community nor with the assumption that more "difference" is better but because it is at the heart of who we are and what we do.

The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University are committed to the promotion of a diverse community, one in which students, faculty, and staff venture from their comfort zones for the sake of learning, develop a critical perspective on the creation of difference, and pursue self-exploration with the knowledge that understanding yourself requires engagement with others.  

We, the presidents of the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University, are conscious that our dedication to cultural pluralism requires immediate and sustained efforts. As presidents of these two institutions, we are committed to support this process and we count on your generosity to contribute in creative ways to this mission.

Mary Hinton
College of Saint Benedict

Michael Hemesath
Saint John's University