ID Cards

Types of Saints ID Cards

Machine-readable photo ID cards are issued to eligible persons on both campuses. The card’s type and the category of the cardholder are distinguished by the colored stripe.

Student Cards – Red Stripe

This card is issued to students (undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education). Cards are issued when it is verified that the person is currently registered for classes. Student cards expire when a student graduates, is not registered for classes, or leaves during the current academic semester.

Preparatory Cards – Blue Stripe

This card is issued to students currently enrolled at Saint John’s Preparatory school. All preparatory cards expire at the end of each academic year.

Faculty/Staff – Green Stripe

This card is issued to regular faculty and staff who present a verification form from the Human Resources Office. Cards are valid only while the cardholder remains employed as faculty or staff on either campus. An employee’s card also expires upon retirement.

Abbey Cards – Black Stripe

This card is issued to authorized abbey members. These cards are valid only while this person is a member of the monastic community.

Special Uses Status/Guest Cards

Guest special-use cards are available for long term guests who will have a specific campus affiliation. These special-use cards include, but are not limited to: Military Science, Minnesota Public Radio, Ecumenical Institute, and the Pottery Studio. These cards are valid only while they are affiliated with either campus.

Event Cards

Both campuses have specific cards to use for special events that are not defined by the above categories. These cards are produced as needed and have expiration dates according to the needs of the approved event.

The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University use special camp/conference ID cards that are used only during the summer months for camps on either institution. These cards are maintained by the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University Special Events Office and Food Service.

Saints cards are not issued to spouses or children of current employees, spouses or children of students, or to retired staff and faculty or alumni/alumnae.

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