Lost Cards - Card Replacement

Lost or Stolen Saints Cards

If a card is lost or stolen, it is to be reported to the issuing office; SJU Life Safety at #2144, CSB Security at #5000, or to a system administrator to invalidate the use of that card.  At this point, the card is invalidated to deter any misuse of the cardholder's accounts.  When a card is encoded with the cardholder's ID number, there is an added digit to the end of the number.  When a replacement card is made that end number is changed.  This makes the lost/stolen card permanently invalid and the current card valid.  This feature eliminates the possibility of someone using a lost card for charging or meals, without having to give a new ID number to anyone who needs a new card.  The maximum liability for unauthorized use of a card is limited to $50.00 of charged items and any additional amount in prepaid accounts.

Replacement Fees

At CSB, replacement cards are $25.00 per card, which will be charged directly to the person's account. At SJU, replacement cards are $25.00 per card, which will be charged directly to the person's account. Cardholders who have a damaged card because of misuse or abuse will pay the above listed amount for a replacement card.  If a replacement card needs to be made for a name change or ID number change, there is no charge.