Leader Resources

The leader toolkit includes resources to assist CSB/SJU management.

You will find resources to assist with recruitment, performance management, and more.

Who should I contact in HR?

We have introduced a Human Resources Partner model.  This means that based on your department, you have a primary contact within HR for all of your needs.  Click here to see who your contact is.

Recruitment Resources

  • Search Advocate Program
  • Chair/Search Committee Recruitment Process
  • Online Recruitment System (NEOGOV) Managers and Search Committee Login
  • Online Recruitment System (NEOGOV) Applicant Review Help
  • Screening Criteria Matrix Definitions
  • Screening Criteria Matrix Template
  • Applicant Evaluation Form Template
  • Recruitment Summary Form
  • CSB/SJU Temporary/Provisional Agreement


  • Onboarding Supervisors Guide

Employment Policies

  • CSB Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement
  • SJU Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement
  • CSB/SJU Inclusion Visioning Statement

Performance Management

Performance Review Process

  • Support Staff in Designated Departments
  • Administrative and Support Staff
  • Six Month Orientation Review

Professional Development Forms

  • fsdfs

Employee Changes

  • Employee Change Authorization Form
  • Employee Stipend Form


  • CSB/SJU Accident/Incident Report
  • Worker's Compensation Protocol - CSB/SJU

Please contact your HR Partner with requests for a review of your department structure or specialized training for your team.

For any questions or concerns, please contact the Human Resources Office at 320-363-5500.