Morgan Zeleny


Morgan is a Sophomore Psychology major with minors in Music and Hispanic Studies.

What inspired you to participate in the Honors Program?

I initially didn’t want to, after taking many AP classes in high school, because I was fed up with accelerated courses, but my mom made me try it out, and I am glad she did.

What are some of the benefits of being an Honors student?

The Honors Program offers some very fascinating classes. Additionally, the professors are very invested in the classes. And finally, I love the communities within the classes because everyone is very driven and determined to succeed, as well as to gain the deepest possible understanding; more than just learning the material, students want understanding of the subject material.

What advice do you have for students considering enrolling in the Honors Program?

Do it. It’s a wonderful choice, because you can choose how many honors classes you want to take. Additionally, you are immersing yourself in an environment of intellectually stimulating and rewarding relationships.

How do you anticipate using your degree after graduation?

I have been considering pursuing the study of speech and language pathology, because I love working with children and I would enjoy helping people communicate because it is a very rewarding field, but I am open to change, because my psychology major gives me a variety of options.

What has been the highlight of your time at CSBSJU?

All my musical endeavors, being involved in the music program and my various ensembles have made CSBSJU the right choice for me.

What are your involvements other than the Honors Program?

I participate in Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, Brass Choir, Brass Studio, Ballroom Dancing, and rock climbing. I work for CSB Security, as well as for CSB Health Advocates, and I volunteer for admissions in giving tours.

How do honors classes compare to non-honors classes?

In honors classes, across the classroom, the passion to learn is greater and classroom involvement is increased and people are not afraid to voice their opinions while being respectful of others opinions.

How has being involved in the honors program enhanced your college experience?

Being in the Honors Program has encouraged me to think critically in all my classes and pushed me to search for deeper meaning.

What has been your favorite honors class so far?

I have taken FYS and Biblical Traditions and I loved both them for different reasons.