One Mod Honors Course Proposal

During which semester would this course be taught?

One credit represents approximately three hours of course work per week, including scheduled class meetings, calculated as an average over the course of a full semester. So you should plan for a total of 40-45 hours of work, including class time. For example, this class might meet once a week for 55 minutes for the entire semester, once a week for 80 minutes for two mods, or at a regular MWF or TR time slot for one mod. We will work out the scheduling after your proposal has been selected.

These one credit honors courses should be novel (not currently offered) and have no prerequisites. They do not need to fulfill any of the common curriculum requirements.  The honors program is looking for classes that take advantage of the freedom from departmental and common curriculum requirements and are creative in both topics and class structure. We are looking for courses that use active learning strategies.