Matt Kiminski


Matt is a Sophomore Music major with a concentration in Choral Education and a minor in Secondary Education.

What inspired you to participate in the Honors Program?

When I was here form my Trustee’s Scholarship interview and there was a presentation about the honors program and a panel of current members of the Honors Program, which inspired me to join the program.

What are some of the benefits of being an Honors student?

The Honors Program offers a more rigorous academic experience. I feel as though I have lots of opportunities to grow because of the Honors courses that are available.

What advice do you have for students considering enrolling in the Honors Program?

There is no obligation attached to being an honors student. You don’t get a big red x on your transcript if you don’t finish, so take this opportunity to learn new and exciting things.

How do you anticipate using your degree after graduation?

I anticipate teaching choir in a high school setting. My degrees in music and education are both vital components of that career.

What has been the highlight of your time at CSBSJU?

Any and all things music related. There is always something impactful going on in the music department.

What are your involvements other than the Honors Program?

I work for the SJU boys choir as a student staff member and accompanist. Additionally, I coordinate the sound board at Praise in the Pub, I sing in the campus ministry liturgical choir, and I sing in Chamber Choir.

How do honors classes compare to non-honors classes?

Because of the commitment of honors students, honors courses are able to explore content more in-depth and with more rigor.

How has being involved in the honors program enhanced your college experience?

The honors program has allowed me to meet both wonderful professors and students that I feel I can reach out to and rely on to find support with additional academic challenges.

What has been your favorite honors class so far?

My favorite class has been my Honors First Year Seminar, which although being challenging, was enjoyable.