Honors Scholars

Curriculum Map, Course Descriptions, and 4-year Plans

What is Honors Scholars for Community and Collaborative Leadership?

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Honors Scholars Curriculum Map

Students in Honors Scholars take five required courses, all of which fulfill Integrations Curriculum requirements.

Typical order of courses:
  • Honors 1: Fall or Spring
  • Option to take Honors 2 in Spring instead of sophomore year
  • Honors 2: Fall or Spring
  • Honors 3: Fall or Spring

May take Honors 2 and Honors 3 concurrently.

  • Honors 4: Fall or Spring
  • Option to take Honors 3 in Fall instead of sophomore year.
  • Honors 5: Fall or Spring
Course Descriptions

Descriptions for the Honors Scholars courses.

Sample Academic 4-year Plans

PDFs of Honors Scholars 4-year plans.

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Dr. Beth Wengler
Director, Honors Scholars
Professor of History
CSB Richarda N7

Dr. Emily Esch
Associate Director, Honors Scholars
Professor of Philosophy
SJU Quad 362G