Honors Option Application Form

Dear Student,

Please consult with your course instructor before filling out this form. Normally no more than  ONE Honors Option may count toward the total credit requirement to graduate with All-College Honors.  Upon submission, your application will be forwarded to your advisor for approval.

Fall Honors Option deadline: October 1
Spring Honors Option deadline: February 15

Please read the following guidelines before filling out this application.

  1. For courses in the Humanities and Social Sciences there should be written work in addition to the written work assigned for the course. The form of this writing will depend on the course, but it should be based on significant secondary reading beyond the reading assigned for the course.
  2. For courses in the Sciences the Honors Option proposal should include a significant laboratory or research inquiry which is beyond the normal scope of the course. In most cases the results of the inquiry should be written in appropriate science reporting format.
  3. For courses in the Fine Arts the Honors Option proposal should include either written work as above, or a substantial piece of artistic expression that goes beyond the normal requirements of the course.
  4. The Honors Program will provide the instructor with a form for final evaluation at the end of the term. Following the guidelines for Honors Option projects, teachers are reminded that the student's grade for the course is based on regularly required course work, regardless of the quality of the Honors Option project. If the project does not merit Honors Option credit, the instructor may deny Honors Option credit, or withhold it until a satisfactory revision is completed. This does not affect or delay the grade for the course.

Is there any reason we cannot contact you through the campus e-mail network?

Graduation with All College Honors is different from graduating with Latin honors (which is based on GPA). All College Honors means the graduate has completed 32 credits in Honors Program courses. Honors Options are not Honors courses. They involve additional reading and writing to allow students to pursue a specific interest in a subject/course not offered by the Honors Program and/or allow students with credit-heavy majors or double majors to complete the Honors Program. If you have completed an Honors Option already, have you petitioned for a second Honors option?
If you selected option 3 as your answer to the above question, stop here. You must email the Honors Program director and petition for a second Honors Option. Your second Honors option should be in a different department from your first Honors Option. If you selected Option 1 or 2, continue with your proposal.