Honors Program

Honors Program Information for Students Who Entered Before 2020

The Honors Program is a select group of students who explore an exciting world of challenging ideas together. CSB and SJU Honors students pride themselves on their shared love of learning and they relish their exchanges of ideas and hard questions. These exchanges go beyond the classroom walls to everyday life.

Hear from some of our former and current students:

Matthew Burgstahler

The depth of your liberal arts education is brought about even more through the Honors Program.

Erin Peller

Honors students have a good ability to fit subject matter into the world around them and see how it affects other people and influences the world.

Jordan Zachmann

Classes are more discussion-based, they are more challenging intellectually, and we dive into topics that pertain to real-life situations.

Makenzie Horrigan

Through the Honors program, I have met students and professors who have challenged me to grow as a student and as a person.

Quinlen Marshall

I work better if I am challenged and I believe that I will be more challenged in honors classes, since the students in the classes have high levels of motivation and participation in the classes.

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Dr. Beth Wengler
Director, Honors Scholars
Professor of History
CSB Richarda N7

Dr. Emily Esch
Associate Director, Honors Scholars
Professor of Philosophy
SJU Quad 362G