History Department

Understanding the present is what the study of history is all about. We all struggle to understand the world presented to us on the evening news. Eventually, most of us realize that we need a historical perspective to make sense of the dramatic changes and events in our world. That's why our classes are so popular.

The students in our classes aren't all history majors, but they are all driven to find answers about the present. And we know that many of those answers are buried in the past. Our faculty are experts at helping you find answers, whether they are embedded in the history of the British empire or American Indian history or African American history. But remember, as you dig through history for answers, you may find that the questions change. That's why this is such an exciting field of study.

  • Features a wider range of courses than you will find at most colleges.
  • Includes a senior thesis project in close collaboration with a faculty member.
  • Follows the senior thesis with an oral presentation in front of faculty, peers and parents.