History Major Interns

Quinton Johnson

Stearns History Museum, St. Cloud (Jackson Fellowship)

Quinton Johnson '19

I was awarded a Jackson Fellowship to intern at the Stearns History Museum.  I cataloged over a hundred books, worked with museum patrons (generally family research), and assisted with the new World War I exhibit.  The friendships and experiences we shared were most beneficial.  I met some of the most amazing people both within the group and during my work at the museum.  Hearing their stories and understanding their backgrounds has been one of the most incredible aspects of my time as a Jackson Fellow. 

One of my biggest challenges was navigating a new work environment, but as I began to understand my role at the museum this challenge was easy to overcome.  The extensive training and networking opportunities made available to me only boosted my confidence for future experiences.  

Why major in History? 
I chose history because history is everything. Understanding the context of the present day is incredibly important in understanding everything else about the world we live in. History teaches this every day, as well as providing a new lens to view everything, from news to everyday events.

National Archives and Records Administration, D.C.
Hendrix Museum in London

Stephanie Haeg '18

At the National Archives I was an education intern.  I researched and designed a board game for use in the interactive resource center, researched, designed, and implemented an Escape Room, and also operated as a tour guide.

I also interned at the Handel and Hendrix Museum in London. I was primarily a floor tour guide. As a tour guide, I had to learn a lot of information about two very distinct periods of history, and be able to explain it and answer questions. I also had to research, write, and give a talk about a specific period of history. My major helped me know how to do the necessary research and write the paper, and taught me how to remember things and love history to help explain it to other people.

Why major in History?
My high school history teacher taught me to love studying history. My job in the CSB/SJU archives made me realize that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Washington County Historical Society, Scandia, MN

Jessica Davis, '18

I was based at the Hay Lake School and Erickson Log House Site.  I helped to lead tours and did my own research project.  I also helped ensure that the site remained clean and welcoming to any visitors.  For my research I chose to learn more about the family who built the log cabin we had on site, and that research is now available to many people in the community and has been incorporated into the tour information. 

Why major in History?
My major is what allowed me to apply for the internship, as they specifically asked for history majors.

Ben Baumann

Archeology in Israel & Ancestry in Switzerland

Ben Baumann '17

Over Summer ’15 I was part of an Archaeology project in Northern Israel, excavating a Greek Temple Complex. I also traveled to Switzerland. There I worked in the Zurich Archives and with the local Protestant church in my ancestors’ home village of Schonenberg to learn more about where my family came from.

I wanted to do the archaeology project because I’m fascinated by human origins and learning about old civilizations. I also love to do family history research to learn more about where I came from.

Some highlights of my experience in the Zurich Archives were when I went through these super old documents on microfilm in old Swiss German. It was like a treasure hunt! When I finally found my great-great grandparents Heinrich and Selina Baumann I was ecstatic to learn why they came to America.

Why major in History?

Ultimately, as a history major you are given perspective. You’re given the ability to see the past and modern world from all points of view and as a result you can understand and relate. Another important aspect of being a history major is being able to decipher fact from fiction. A skill that is infinitely useful in a world that struggles with deception. So, if you major in history, you will be prepare yourself for the always interesting adventure called life and set yourself up to make an impact in the world around you.

Stearns History Museum, St. Cloud, MN

Kayla Forster '17

As the Communications Intern at the Stearns History Museum, my internship focused on creating cohesive communication materials for the museum. I created flyers, a Communications calendar, updated social media, researched information for a media list, wrote a historical blog post, and assisted with museum events. For students interested, there are also  internships and volunteer opportunities available at the museum in the Research Center and Archives.

Why major in History?
In order to succeed in Communications as well as the majority of business professions, competitive applicants need strong writing skills. The history major has certainly given me strong writing skills as well as critical thinking skills. My knowledge and passion of history also served me well in this internship as I was able to make connections with employees and patrons who share an interest in history.

Carver County Historical Society in Waconia

Meghan Flannery '16

I interned at Carver County Historical Society in Waconia where I had the chance to learn about and assist in the early development of their newest and largest collections piece, the Andrew Peterson Farm.   

My responsibilities included: photographing, measuring, and physically examining the horse carriages, and decide which horse carriages CCHS should keep for their historical programming.

I chose this internship because it offered me the most career experience in the field of public history.  I am getting in-depth experience of the workings and needs of a small museum, an understanding of how a small museum responds to the needs of the public, and learning about what a museum has to do in order to develop a new historical interpretative site.

Why major in history?
My history major has given me an awareness and respect for history, no matter the time period, location, or topic matter. My new challenge as an aspiring public historian is to present to the public these historical realties without oversimplifying them. Critical thinking, historical analysis, argumentative writing, research and public speaking skills have all proven to be valuable. My history major from CSB/SJU gave the confidence and abilities to complete the major projects that CCHS has assigned to me.   April Bondhus

Wright County Public Defender's Office

April Bondhus '16

I chose this internship in the public defender's office because of my interest in law. I knew that my history degree could potentially help me become a lawyer and I wanted to explore that possibility. Most of my responsibilities as an intern were duties such as interviewing clients, taking statements from witnesses, and researching criminal history.

Why major in History?
The history major at CSB/SJU has provided me with many skills that are not limited to the field of history. Within the major I have learned how to write professionally, evaluate arguments, do relevant research, and interact with people from different cultures. All of these skills helped me in my internship by preparing me for the professional world and by teaching me how to better understand the world we live in today. In my internship I worked primarily with the criminal investigator and in that work I learned the value of my major. With the skills I've learned in the history major I was able to provide a new perspective and help the criminal investigator exhaust all possible explanations for a case. The history major teaches students to explore new perspectives which allows students to better understand the world we live in.

Alyssa Gerszewski

State Historical Society of North Dakota

Alyssa Gerszewski, '10 

I worked as a digital project intern in the State Archives at the State Historical Society of North Dakota in the summer of 2009. I traveled around and worked with local museums, historical societies, and libraries to gather and digitize content for a project called Dakota Mosaic. As a native of North Dakota, I visited many different parts of the state I’d never been to and had the opportunity to help local communities showcase their archival collections online and make them accessible to researchers. My exposure and introduction to Public History at CSB/SJU as a career path was really eye opening in my semester prior to applying for the internship. That really laid the foundation for my future work with local and state history.

Why major in History?
I loved history since I was a child, especially historic places. I was fascinated by the past and how different events shaped different outcomes. Erik Nagaoka

Food and Drug Administration, CA    

Erik Nagaoka, '13

I was an intern with the FDA during junior and senior year of college.  I worked in the Los Angeles Imports District Office.  My job was to answer industry status requests in regards to their shipments.  Sometimes I would shadow the FDA investigators and learn about their job.

Why major in history?
I was always interested in American history.  I appreciated the fact that history would require critical thinking, research, analysis and effective writing.   I was not entirely sure what I would wind up doing with my degree, but I was confident History would prepare me for whatever future job I may have.

Sarah HawkinsCareer Center, Sauk Rapids High School, MN

Sara Hawkins, '09

I had an internship at the Sauk Rapids High School Career Center.  I assisted students with career planning, college exploration, and job searches.  I also hosted college, military, and career representatives.  As a budding librarian, my pet project was to create a cataloging system for the center's resources.

Why major in History?
I chose the history major because I believe through understanding and analyzing the past, we may begin to plan for the future.  Through understanding the patterns that we, as people, fall into, we can begin to form new patterns and behaviors to fix already structured problematic institutions.  I believe history is very important.  It tells stories, it gives identity, it make people sad, it makes people happy, but overall it holds insurmountable evidence of how everything came to be, you can't beat that.  

Kathryn Enger Enke

Hill Museum Manuscript Library, Collegeville, MN

Kathryn Enger Enke, '05   

I interned at the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library, in a marketing position, immediately after graduation.    

Why major in History?
My history major was an important factor in getting the internship (in a museum) and in succeeding in the experience (especially as a writer).  Plus, the internship caused me to think about continuing to work in a college environment - a reflection which ultimately led me to my career as a college administrator