Savo Heleta

At what point in your college career did you realize that History was the major for you?

My second year at SJU, after taking Sub-Saharan African history class with professor Cynthia Curran.

Of all your experiences in pursuing your degree, what was the greatest lesson you learned?

Even though you have to stop doing research and finish your paper, there is still so much good information out there that you could use. A research paper is never really done, you can always expand it and make it better.

How has having your degree led to your career or shaped your life?

I am currently a postgraduate student in conflict transformation and management at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. In my studies, I have to do research and writing on a daily basis and I can only thank my history professors at CSB/SJU for preparing me for graduate school.

If there is one History class you could take over again, what would it be? Why?

Sub-Saharan African history with professor Cynthia Curran. I've learned so much in that class, decided to take history as my major, and decided to go to South Africa during my study abroad program (which completely changed my life in a best way possible – I decided to write a book on that trip and to come back to South Africa to do my graduate studies).

What do you miss most about your college experience?

Small classes and great professors.

Do you have any advice for current history majors/minors at CSB/SJU?

Challenge yourself by taking classes that cover topics you know nothing about. You may discover so many things about yourself that you never knew.