Lucas Sherman

At what point in your college career did you realize that History was the major for you?

Going into my sophomore year. I was undeclared for awhile and someone told me to pick a major and start heading in a direction. I was interested in learning most about History, so that's the direction I went.

Of all your experiences in pursuing your degree, what was the greatest lesson you learned?

If you are doing what you enjoy, then you will enjoy what you are doing.

How has having your degree led to your career or shaped your life?

It has put me on the path for higher learning. It has opened my eyes to areas in History and topics in life that I have found a great passion for.

If there is one History class you could take over again, what would it be? Why?

The American West with Derek Larson. It is one of my favorite subjects, he's a good professor, and the selected readings and discussions were great.

What do you miss most about your college experience?

The tightly knit community, good history classes, reading interesting books, having thought-provoking discussions and I miss the opportunity to give it my best in classes I enjoy.

Do you have any advice for current history majors/minors at CSB/SJU?

Work hard because you only get one shot, and grad school.