Valladolid, Spain

First Session: 
Second Session:

Program Description

The summer program in Valladolid, Spain, is mainly intended for students who are looking to fulfill their language requirement while completely immersing in the Spanish culture. Participants live with Spanish families for the entire duration of the five week program. The program includes visits to historical cities such as Salamanca and Segovia; visits to museums and castles (Coca and Peñafiel), among others, and some social events such as a welcome reception and a farewell dinner.

This program offers the following courses during both sessions:

Prerequisites: Students must either have taken HISP 111 on campus or tested into HISP 112 using our placement exam. For more info on this requirement, contact Mary Niedenfuer.


The cost is determined each year. Click here for the cost and payment schedule for the 2016 program. If you take an 8-credit course, the cost of the entire program which includes room and board with a Spanish family (three meals a day, laundry), health insurance, and visit to museums, cathedrals, castles, and historical cities; it will be roughly the same or less than the same 8 credits on campus on any given semester.