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Travel and Safety Tips

The Valladolid Experience

Note: You have all been part of groups which have "clicked," and I am sure this summer experience will be like that for you. The following items are those qualities which make a trip especially rewarding and enjoyable. You each have your own unique contributions, and that is also part of the wonder of making new friends while traveling. We're on our way!

1. Good Health -- During the program, it is wise to eat well, get enough sleep, drink lots of water, exercise when possible, watch alcohol intake, and encourage others to be healthy.

2. Upbeat Attitude -- Notice your need for down time and rest. It's important to add to the positive atmosphere of the group. This can mean having a philosophical shrug-of-the-shoulders attitude about plane delays, unforeseen change of plans, lost passports or money, waiting in lines. It's all part of the experience, so try to learn from it without letting it get you down. Support others who need a kind word, gently changing the subject to brighter topics if conversation needs it. Patience and care with someone having a rough time will do wonders.

3. Safety -- You may be visiting some large cities. When going out, it's important that you go with at least one other group-person, especially in the evenings. Have an awareness of whom you can call in an emergency. Keep your wallet and a copy of your passport well-hidden and out of reach (there are sometimes pickpockets).

4. Positive Participation in Group Activities -- These assets are very important for a successful experience: punctuality so that the group can depart for events on time or even ahead of schedule, readiness to enjoy the activities and participate actively, desire to absorb the culture, art and architecture.

5. I am aware of how important it is for me to do my part: good health, upbeat attitude, safety, awareness of others, and positive participation in group activities so that the entire group has a good experience.

"I have learned to be more appreciative of other cultures. I’m more willing to try new things and I’m much more independent and confident from all of these travels."