Valladolid Summer Program Evaluation

Your recent experiences as a participant in the Valladolid, Spain Summer Study Abroad Program will help us improve the experience for other students who will select this program in the future. Your responses to these questions will be anonymous. They will be reviewed by present and future program directors as well as future students who might be interested in participating in this program. The directors and professors who will be reading your comments appreciate your thoughtful, candid responses to these questions.

General Information. Please share information about you so that we might make better use of your responses to subsequent questions. Please select the answer that best represents your opinion or experience.
1. In which college are you enrolled?

2. During your study abroad program, what was your college standing?
3. Was the academic content of the program related to your major/minor field?
4. Had you studied Spanish the semester before this trip?
5. If you had studied the language, for how long did you do so?

6. Did your Spanish proficiency improve as a result of your participation in this program?
Choosing Your Program. Participants in study abroad programs report a variety of reasons for selecting a particular program, some more important than others. Please review the following set of possible reasons for choosing the Valladolid summer program and select the answer that represents the relative importance of each of these reasons in your decision to join this program.
Choosing your program
  A. Most important B. Important C. Indifferent D. Not important
7. The role of a study abroad program in your college course plan.
8. Friends choosing the program.
9. The cost of the program.
10. The language of the country or program.
11. Your academic interests or college major/minor.
12. “Word of mouth” from previous program participants.
13. To fulfill the language requirement.
14. Advice from your college instructors.
15. Advice from other faculty or staff members.
16. Your impressions of the program director.
17. The country in which the program is located.
18. The courses offered during the program.
19. What MOST influenced your choice? Please select ONE of the following reasons.

Your Evaluation of Your Program. Please read each of the following statements about aspects of your Study Abroad program, then select ONE of these responses to indicate the extent of your agreement, or disagreement, with them.

Evaluation of the Program
  A. Strongly Disagree B. Disagree C. Neutral D. Agree E. Strongly Agree
20. Information travel opportunities were adequate.
21. Travel to the program site was satisfactory.
22. My program site orientation upon arrival was adequate.
23. The site enhanced my accomplishments of the program’s educational goals.
24. The program site instructor was friendly and well qualified.
25. The program site instructor was always available to help me when needed.
26. Overall, I learned a great deal more about the country and culture of Spain.
27. The price of the program was reasonable.
28. My living arrangements were satisfactory.
29. Meals provided through the program were satisfactory.
30. My Study Abroad program helped me gain significant insight into another culture.
31. Study for a summer term abroad encouraged my intellectual growth.
32. Field trips supplemented what we learned about in class.
33. Extracurricular activities such as videos, plays, visit to museums, etc., enhanced by learning experience.
34. The CSB/SJU faculty director of the program did a good job.
35. I would recommend this program to other students.
36. How much did you spend on personal expenses, excluding the cost of any post program travel you completed?

38. Please comment on your program excursions. Below, indicate what site you liked the most (1) and the least (3).
Sites Visited
  1 2 3 4
1. Salamanca
2. Peñafiel-Museo del vino
3. Segovia
4. Castillo de la Mota/El mito de Ariadna
39. Please comment on your program excursions. You might wish to comment on the sites visited, timing, and frequency of trips, relation to course work, and transportation. Please feel free to use as much space as needed.