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Study Abroad Programs

CSB/SJU students on the Segovia, Spain program, Spring 2016

CSB/SJU Spanish-Speaking Study Abroad Programs

CSB/SJU offers study abroad opportunities through the Center for Global Education. There are numerous study abroad programs offered through CSB/SJU for students of the two institutions. Each study abroad program is limited to approximately 30 participants. Study abroad emphasis is upon a disciplined and focused curriculum which is designed to take full advantage of local, regional and national opportunities at each site. Courses taught abroad are integrated fully into the common curriculum and/or departmental offerings. Each program includes required pre-departure meetings that incorporate a variety of readings, lectures, discussions, writing assignments and audio-visual components. The on-campus classes, together with individualized academic planning and increased attention, build upon the international experiences after returning to campus, and serve to integrate the study abroad programs into the overall curriculum.

Currently, we offer programs in Spanish in the following locations:

Non-Spanish-speaking short-term opportunities offered by other departments/programs that also grant HS credit:

For information on these and other programs offered through our institutions, visit the website for the Center for Global Education.

Professionally, enhancing my fluency in another language opens hundreds of opportunities for me in the future if I so choose. Personally, I now have countless stories, new friends from both CSB/SJU and other schools internationally, as well as a host family who tells me often that my room is always open to me whenever I decide to return!

Joel Roske
Hispanic Studies Major
SJU Student Ambassador to Chile

While Guatemala was absolutely the program for me, every program offers great experiences and personal growth. I have yet to speak to someone who regrets their decision to study abroad.

Emily Olinger
Hispanic Studies Minor
CSB Student Ambassador to Guatemala

I went to Spain to immerse myself in a foreign language and culture, with the hope of growing from an educational and personal standpoint.

Vanessa Hird
Hispanic Studies Major
CSB Student Ambassador to Segovia, Spain

CSB/SJU Valladolid students featured in local paper, summer 2017.