“I went to the health center to receive an examination at a time of illness. I was able to get an appointment the day that I called, and did not have to wait long to be brought back to a room once checking in at the health center. The staff was very compassionate and kind-hearted individuals. They definitely relayed the message that they were interested in my well-being. Overall, it fulfilled my expectations. I was able to stay on campus and avoid seeking healthcare in St. Cloud or the surrounding areas, which was definitely convenient.”

“My first visit to the Health Center exceeded all expectations I had. The first thing I noticed was how the overall atmosphere was calming. The receptionist was friendly and did a great job explaining what I had to do before my appointment. The nurse practitioner was both knowledgeable and kind; she diagnosed what I had within seconds and she went above and beyond any normal service.”

"My overall experience at the Health Center was much more than I had anticipated. The CSB Health Center encompasses the Benedictine Values our school lays out. Both the physical elements of the space and the people working there were hospitable and worked to serve my needs. I thought the staff was very welcoming. My health needs are personal, as are everyone else’s, and thus sometimes can be uncomfortable to talk about but the staff at the Health Center made the conversation very comfortable. The Health Center did fulfill my expectations. Being a part of the process from the beginning it has been very exciting to see the process unfold. Pleased would be an understatement to how I feel about our current facility."

“CSB Health Services is easily accessible and has a friendly staff that I trust and feel comfortable with. It is a nonjudgmental environment, and it contributes positively to my health and well-being.”