Office Visits 

No fees are associated with provider/nurse office visits.

Labs by CSB/SJU Health Services  

Lab work/tests done in CSB/SJU Health Services (e.g., strep, flu, mono, etc.) are offered at cost. 

Example of costs related to an urinary tract infection.  

$  0   =  Office Visit Charge
$  5   =  Rapid Lab Test
$ 11   =  Medication (If rapid lab test is positive and patient/provider agree to treatment with generic medication)
$16 =  Total Cost

Labs by Labcorp  

Outside labs will be processed by LabCorp and they will directly invoice your insurance company.  If you do not submit your insurance information to Health Services (before your lab tests are ordered) LabCorp will invoice you directly.  The statement will be sent to your CSB/SJU Post Office Box. LabCorp’s Phone: 1-800-845-6167.

Instructions to enter your insurance information:

  • Log into medicatconnect.com
  • Enter your CSB/SJU username and password
  • From the menu select insurance
  • Enter your health insurance information:
    • Insurance Company
    • Policy/ID Number
    • Group/GRP Number
    • Policy Holder Information 
      Policy Holder = is the person who owns/purchases the insurance policy (i.e., your mom/dad)


Medications stocked by CSB/SJU Health Services are offered at cost.  If you need a medicine that is not stocked by CSB/SJU Health Services, the provider can send your prescription to Coborn’s Pharmacy, St. Joseph MN, and arrangements can be made to have the medication delivered to campus.

See Medication Delivery instructions to have a medication delivered to campus.

Walkout Statement 

A Walkout Statement is a receipt of charges accrued at your Health Services appointment.  You can either pay by cash or charge the amount to your CSB/SJU Student Account.

Cash:  If you prefer to pay cash for accrued expenses, for any reason including confidentiality, you may do so as you check out at the Receptionist Desk.

CSB/SJU Student Account Charge:   If charges accrued during your appointment are not paid with cash, the charges will be submitted to your CSB/SJU Student Account.  Charges on your CSB/SJU Student Account statement will read Health Services, no other information will be provided regarding your appointment.

To obtain a copy of your Walkout Statement, log into www.csbsju.edu/health-services > click on Patient Portal > then click on the Walkout Statement icon to view current and past statements. 


CSB/SJU Health Services does not bill insurance companies.  If you choose to use your insurance, and the charge(s) are eligible for reimbursement, you can submit the Walkout Statement to your insurance company.