Facts and Myths


Fact #1:
Just because a majority of the members of a team/organization are not involved in a hazing incident does not mean that the team/organzations is not responsible.

Fact #2:
Just because this was at some level a team/organization event does not mean that individuals won't be found responsible as well.

Fact #3:
You can never be sure you know the physical or mental background of an individual and what the effects of hazing for that person might be.


Myth #1:  Hazing builds unity
Hazing builds animosity between people and deos nothing to foster trust, unity or respect.  It simply makes better hazers.

Myth #2:  I went through it, so they should too!
One class can break the "tradition" of hazing - it just take some courage and integrity to do what is right.

Myth #3:  If they agree, then we're not hazing.
WRONG!  Since peer pressure leads students to consent, the focus is on what you do, not whether they said you could.