MSN Program – Leadership and Education for Practice, 4+1 Option

Curriculum Requirements for Master of Science in Nursing – Leadership and Education for Practice

4+1 Option for Current CSB/SJU BSN Students

Program Credit Hours: 42

Nurses must know and do more now than everWith increasing expectations and responsibilities, nurses are often required to step in to leadership roles early in their career. Whether you have just graduated with your first nursing degree or have been in practice for a number of years, furthering your education opens new doors to practice, leadership, and education roles. The Master of Science in Nursing program is built on our rich tradition of the liberal arts and Catholic Benedictine values and traditions, offers an innovative graduate program that will expand your nursing practice and prepare you for leadership roles as a preceptor, manager, director, care coordinator, staff educator, and clinical faculty. We seek graduate students who are curious, passionate about nursing, want to expand their nursing skills and lead the next generation of nurses towards providing quality compassionate care.

Application to take graduate course senior year
Tuition cost

Year 1

Fall (UG Senior Yr)

Course Number Course Title Credits
NRSG 316 Methods of Program Evaluation and Quality Improvement 3 Credits
NRSG 336 Practicum I (MS) 1 Credit

* NRSG 316 or NRSG 403
* NRSG 336 or NRSG 420


Course Number Course Title Credits
NRSG 317 Global Perspectives 3 Credits
NRSG 318 Ethics, Healthcare Policy and Advocacy 3 Credits
NRSG 319 Health Care Systems and Organizational Leadership 3 Credits

* NRSG 317 or NRSG 413
* NRSG 318 or NRSG 414
* NRSG 319 or NRSG 415


Course Number Course Title Credits
NRSG 454 The Influential Nurse Leader 3 Credits
NRSG 465 Facilitating Learning 3 Credits

Year 1 Total Credit Hours: 19

Year 2


Course Number Course Title Credits
NRSG 402 Informatics 3 Credits
NRSG 435 Advanced Physiology/Pathophysiology 3 Credits
NRSG 436 Advanced Pharmacology I 2-3 Credits


Course Number Course Title Credits
NRSG 421 Practicum II 1 Credit
NRSG 439 Advanced Health Assessment 2-3 Credits
NRSG 466 Transition to Advanced Professional Practice 3 Credits
NRSG 467 Nurse Educator Role Transition 3 Credits


Course Number Course Title Credits
NRSG 404 Evaluation and Translation of the Evidence 3 Credits
NRSG 422 Practicum III 2 Credits
NRSG 464 Curriculum Development, Assessment, and Evaluation for Nurse Educators 3 Credits
600 Clinical Practicum hours
meets requirements to sit for NLN Nurse Education Certificate

Year 2 Total Credit Hours: 23

Biostatistics not required for enrollment. UG Statistics course strongly recommended. Global Health Course include biostatistics content from an epidemiologic prospective.

FAQ for MSN Leadership and Education for Practice, 4+1 Option

Who is this program for?

What are the advantages to taking graduate courses in my senior year?

Cost savings.

*The number and credits of graduate course transfers varies, but is usually limited.

Networking, Experience and Flexibility

Can I still study abroad my senior year?

YES! The NRSG 303 team has provided an exciting opportunity for a study abroad in Zambia for Spring 2023. If this is not an option for you, other outstanding local and perhaps state side opportunities will be open to you as well. There will be no difference in the Fall and Spring immersion offerings for NRSG 303, except for locations abroad.