Frequently Asked Questions

Is the program full time or part-time?

The program is created for a full-time option; however, part-time options are available if needed. The full-time option for the FNP track would take 3 years to complete (including summers).

Will I be able to work while completing the FNP program?

The first year of the program will be designed as a hybrid format with a block schedule that should be able to be completed while working. The FNP clinical rotations will start the summer after year 2 and will consist of 1-2 days a week of onsite clinical hours with a preceptor.

Will the classes be in person or online?

The programs are designed to be hybrid, meaning there will be some online components (synchronous and asynchronous) as well as in-person classes. You will be required to be on campus with your cohort 1-3 times per semester and you will be provided these dates in advance. The clinical skill courses may require additional in person time in the lab.

Will the online portions of the courses be high quality?

Several of the faculty who were involved in course development and will be teaching in the program are certified online instructors with previous history teaching in an online environment

Will I need to find my own clinical rotations?

The college will coordinate with area health systems to set up clinical experiences for you. If you desire a clinical rotation with your current employer, the school can work with the facility to try to coordinate a clinical rotation for you.