Medical Care Abroad

Receiving Medical Care Abroad – Best Practice

If you need to receive non-urgent medical care while abroad, we recommend contacting Zurich Travel Assist (also known as World Travel Protection) to set up a doctor’s appointment on your behalf. Zurich Travel Assist will be able to recommend the most appropriate nearby provider based on your condition and ensure a guarantee of payment for covered expenses. This can eliminate the need to pay out of pocket and submit a claim for reimbursement.

Contact Zurich Travel Assist 24/7 Travel Assistance by calling +1-416-645-4682 (from outside of the US) or emailing [email protected] and CC [email protected] as well.

Bring a copy of your ID card to your appointment and show your policy number to the provider. Zurich will then coordinate with the provider to pay for your covered expenses.

Claims for Reimbursement

If you receive care while abroad without calling Zurich Travel assist, you will likely be asked to pay for your medical care first and then in the event you paid out of pocket for treatment abroad, you will need to seek reimbursement.

To submit a Claim for Reimbursement to the international insurance provider, please follow these steps within 90 days of receiving care:

  1. Obtain receipts for all payments for medical care with a description of services and amount paid. Receipts must be translated to English.
  2. Make copies of all documents.
  3. Fully complete the appropriate claims form:
  4. Submit your Claim Forms and all receipts/documents within 90 days of receiving care, via email, fax, or mail, to:

 For more information or questions about submitting a Claim for Reimbursement, please e-mail [email protected]  


Zurich Travel Assist 24/7 Travel Assistance Services

Zurich Travel Assist is a great resource as you prepare to travel as well as during your experience abroad. If you have general questions about your upcoming trip, a pre-existing condition or if would like to schedule an appointment with a doctor, please be sure to call Zurich Travel Assist before you leave.

Contact Zurich Travel Assist 24/7 Travel Assistance by calling +1-866-224-0146 (from inside the US) or +1-416-645-4682 (from outside of the US). When you call one of the telephone numbers above you will be greeted by the Zurich Travel Assist team and you will be connected with a customer service representative.

You can also check out to view the resources that are available to you through Zurich Travel Assist. Zurich offers a mobile app called TravelKit which you can download and use abroad to receive emergency alerts in your area, find nearby providers and more. Please see page 2 of the plan benefit brochure for more details.