Spring 2022 Study Abroad Community Standards 


As a student on an upcoming Spring 2022 study abroad program, you will be studying abroad at a time when your host country is navigating the COVID-19 pandemic.  Study abroad in Spring 2022 will require a high degree of flexibility as well as respect for your local host community and your CSB/SJU study abroad community. 

 As a student on a Spring 2022 CSB/SJU study abroad program, I understand that:

  •  I am required to be vaccinated for COVID-19 to participate on a Spring 2022 study abroad program.
  • I must arrive in my program country on the designated date for any group quarantine that may be required.​
  • No travel will be allowed outside the program country during my program dates. If I travel outside of the program country during the program dates, it is grounds for my immediate removal from the program.​
  • I must abide by local health and program partner regulations.​
  • I must abide by all quarantines, curfews, and group gathering limits imposed by local governmental authorities. My movement within the program country may be restricted. ​
  • While our program partners strive to provide in-person learning, hybrid and/or remote learning remains a possibility.
  • CGE strongly recommends against post-program travel due to the increased risks of quarantines outside my program country. CGE does not have the ability to support me outside the official program dates.

I have read  and I agree to the above Spring 2022 Community Standards. My electronic signature of this form on the CSBSJU-Global Portal will affirm my voluntary decision to participate in the Study Abroad Program of CSB/SJU.