Study Abroad Recommendations

Instructions for Submitting Recommendation Forms:

*This online form must be filled out in addition to the online Study Abroad Application.

**You should speak with your prospective references BEFORE listing them on your application.  They should be familiar with your academic, personal or professional goals. Please request that your references submit the online recommendation form by the application deadline (Friday January 25, 2011).

**If you plan to request an off-campus reference, please follow the instructions listed on the on-line form.

Every study abroad applicant will be required to have three references. You need to request one reference from each of the following areas:

  1. Faculty or Academic Advisor
  2. Non-Faculty Member (Should be a member of the CSB/SJU community.  This person could be a coach, work supervisor, FR/RD, etc.  PLEASE NOTE THIS CAN NOT BE COMPLETED BY AN RA OR OTHER STUDENT PEER!)
  3. Faculty Member
  4. The Language Recommendation Form is required for the programs in Austria, Chile, France, Guatemala and Spain. The Language Recommendation Form should be completed by an instructor who can attest to your abilities in the program's language.

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