Study Abroad 101 Quiz

Major/Minor Areas of Study
Semester Program(s) of Interest:
Short Term Program(s) of Interest:

Study Abroad 101 Online Quiz

1. Which of the following forms of aid can be used towards a semester study abroad program?
2. All semester long programs follow the CSB/SJU academic calendar.
3. When are short term programs offered at CSB/SJU?
4. Which of the following semester-long programs has a lanaguge pre-requisite?
5. How many semester-long programs does CSB/SJU offer each year?
6. There are new short term programs offered each year.
7. Where is the list of courses offered on a semster-long program located?
8. When students choose a semester-long program they pay:
9. While abroad for a semester, you have to take a full academic load (at least 16 credits).
10. Short-term programs typically range anywhere from_______ in length.
11. Who else should I speak with on-campus about my interest in study abroad?