Bunkyo Gakuin University (BGU) is an educational institution founded in 1924. BGU has two campuses, the Hongo campus and Fujimino campus. Though living near the Hongo campus, the assistant will support both institutions. The Hongo campus is in the heart of Tokyo, close to many educational institutions, parks, historical sites, and cultural facilities. The location of the campus is next to a primary Tokyo metro (subway) station, providing easy access to the entire city and surrounding region. BGU has been a collaborative partner of CSB/SJU for nearly 30 years and is the host institution for the CSB/SJU study abroad program in Japan.

Duration: August to March, with the possibility of extending the contract every six months up to two years.

Position Title: English Assistant and Tutor

Position Description:

  • Work for the Global Studies Institute (GSI) department
  • Assist BGU faculty in English language courses
  • Tutor BGU students
  • Staffing the English Chat Lounge (Hongo Campus) and the Language Salon (Fujimino Campus)
  • Help BGU staff coordinate incoming and outgoing study-abroad programs
  • Assist international students as a residential assistant
  • Support both BGU kindergarten in the Child Language Education Center (CLEC) program 
  • Organize events and plan tutor English lessons for BGU and international students
  • Be in charge of the GSI Instagram account
  • Financial Compensation: Monthly net salary of $1,600

Housing: During the hire period, free accommodation is provided in the international dormitory, which includes cooking utensils and laundry facilities as part of the position of Residential Assistant.

Eligibility: Bachelor of Arts is required. Teaching, RA, and TESL experience is preferred.

Orientation: A brief orientation upon arrival at BGU by GSI staff.

Financial Compensation: Monthly net salary of $1,600.

Transportation: Please note that the employer will not cover the cost of airfare and ground transportation.

Application Materials and Process: Interested candidates should submit their application to the Center for Global Education.

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